Local 47 Life Insurance & Beneficiary Assistance

Designated beneficiaries of Local 47 members are entitled to a $1,000 Life Insurance Benefit Payment at the time of the member’s passing.

Please keep your designated beneficiary’s name and contact information current with Local 47’s Beneficiary Assistant. Many people who are named sole heir in a will are dismayed to learn they are not beneficiaries of the Local 47 Life Insurance Benefit. The decedent may have named someone else years before and assumed that the terms of their current will superseded the beneficiary designation. Not so, according to the law. The beneficiary cannot be changed automatically through a will.

Inform your beneficiary to keep the union advised of an address change. Sometimes re-use payments are received in the office years after a member’s death, and there is no way for us to locate the beneficiary.

If you choose a minor as a beneficiary, it would be simpler to name your estate and/or your executor on your beneficiary card with your will stating you wish the proceeds to go to the minor. That eliminates the need for a parent to obtain legal guardianship of the minor before the benefit can be paid.

Members may electronically fill out your Local 47 Beneficiary Card, sign it and send it to Local 47 Beneficiary, 3220 Winona Ave. Burbank CA 91504, or fax 323.993.3147.

Get more information about the Local 47 Life Insurance Benefit, or to check or update beneficiary information, please email or call 323.993.3159.