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Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund

Your generous contribution to the Musicians Relief Fund will help Local 47 members suffering from illness or injury that prevents them from working, or who lack the funds to pay for necessities such as food or rent.

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Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund
Attn: Secretary's Ofice
3220 Winona Ave.
Burbank CA 91504

Local 47 members may also contribute to the Relief Fund in the members-only section of this website by navigating to the Make a Payment > Funds Payment

Apply for Relief

If you need assistance from the Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund, please fill out and submit the Relief Fund Application and mail to the address above or send by email.

Guidelines for Use of the Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund:

The Relief Fund shall be used for relief for immediate situations, such as:

  1. Illness or injury that prevents the member from working.
  2. Lack of money to pay for necessities such as food and/or rent.
  3. Membership dues
  4. The Relief Fund shall not be used for:

    1. Payment of a member's work dues.
    2. Repeated assistance for a continuing condition.

    Guidelines for Applying for the Musicians Relief Fund:

    1. Applicant must be a member in good standing for at least one year.
    2. Applicant must be making regular payments towards work dues.
    3. Subsequent relief will not be granted for at least one year.
    4. Maximum award per applicant is $500 plus Membership Dues, if needed. The Executive Board may grant exception in case of a catastrophic event or illness.
    5. We do not pay for member’s work dues.
    6. Applicant must submit bills or medical records. Relief fund checks will be issued directly to creditors. No checks will be issued directly to applicant.
    7. Secretary/Treasurer’s office will refer applicants to other relief sources whenever possible.

    Other Resources:
    Musicians Relief Options
    Pharmacy/Medication Discounts and Assistance Programs

    For information on how to apply for the AFM's Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians, please call our Benefits Department at 323.993.3159.

    Music Fund of Los Angeles

    The Music Fund of Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 emergency assistance fund that provides a resource to help cover daily living and household expenses when a musician is in financial distress and cannot work due to a sudden illness or injury. Musicians need not be a member of the union to apply. Learn more at