Please be advised, effective April 30, 2023, the AFM Basic Television/Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement scale wages are increasing by 3%. This includes but is not limited to recording scale wages and Music Preparation wages. Pension and Health & Welfare rates remain the same for 2023, 11.99% (Pension), $48.54 per day (H&W). Questions? Please email

Theatrical Motion Picture & Television Film

The Theatrical Motion Picture and Television Film Agreement established minimum wage scales and working conditions for recording, sideline and music preparation musicians in various film categories. These programs include dramatic, non-dramatic, episodic, made for new media, made for television movies as well as theatrical motion pictures.

It is important that a signatory is in place with the owner and controller of the product prior to the recording session taking place. Additionally, any completed B-7 report forms covering your participation on the project must be filed with the appropriate AFM local. You may be entitled to other payments from the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund or soundtrack album new-use.

View our MP/TV Film Forms & Scales.

Low-Budget Rates

Low-budget rates may be used if the motion picture falls under $45 million for theatrical motion pictures or $5 million per programming hour for television film (basic cable and long form television motion pictures). Since its inception in 1996, these low budget rates have increased employment opportunities in the recording field. In addition, low budget soundtrack albums are often released. Prior written approval of the Federation must be in place to use this portion of the agreement. Contact your Local's recording business representative or Matt Allen at the AFM West Coast office 818.565.3400 for more information on a Theatrical Motion Picture or Television Film low budget package. 

Special Soundtrack Record Agreement

The newly incorporated Special Soundtrack Record Agreement allows several discounted rates for soundtrack albums in exchange for credit to the AFM and to the musicians and/or their organization name.

Designed to assist employers, local officers, administrators, as well as rank-and-file musicians, it is our hope that the step-by-step procedures and information found in this packet will help simplify the process of filing new work under AFM contracts.

Independent & Festival Films

Independent Festival Film Signatory Packet

For more information on Independent Films/Festival Films and for Low-Budget Approvals, contact AFM Contract Administrator Matt Allen: 818.565.3400, email

Contact: 323.993.3143,

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