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You are not alone at the recording studio. The AFM works to protect your wages and subsequent compensation through the Sound Recording Labor Agreement, which sets forth the minimum wage scales and working conditions for musicians (including music preparation members) who perform services for the various types of audio recordings released for sale on the commercial market.

It is particularly important to see to it that before any work is performed, there is a signatory employer in place, and that properly completed AFM B-4 Report Forms covering musicians’ participation on recording sessions are filed with the AFM local in whose jurisdiction the sessions occur. This will ensure musicians’ further participation in the proceeds from the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund, and that musicians will receive "new use" payments if their product is utilized in another medium (i.e. use of a sound recording in a theatrical motion picture, TV film, commercial announcement, etc.).

Other highlights of the Sound Recording Labor Agreement include:

The Low Budget Side Letter (Full album projects where the budget falls within a threshold of $99,000) - Since its inception in 1996 this Side Letter has increased employment opportunities in the recording field. To ensure that projects truly qualify, there is a procedure in place which begins with the requirement of the company to forward to the AFM the producer's approved, detailed budget in advance of the start of production.

Music Videos - This section covers the employment of musicians, other than royalty artists, who appear "on-camera" in music videos. It includes a wage payment for musicians performing "sideline services", and generates additional payments into the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund when the Company receives revenue from the exploitation of the video promo.

Sampling - When an existing phonograph record, or portion thereof, is sampled into a new phonograph record, a payment is made to the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund on behalf of the musicians who performed on the original record.

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Sound Recording Labor Agreement

(Major labels)

Full Term - SRLA Letter of Acceptance

Single Project Short Form

SRLA Scale Summary: Basic, Premium & Special Scales

Music Video Scales

Low-Budget - Scale Summary

Music Preparation scales for Arrangers, Orchestrators & Copyists - refer to AFM Int'l website

AFM B-4 Report Form - Phonograph Records, Soundtrack Releases and Video Promos - (view an example form)

Music Prep Report Form

Limited Pressing

(Non-major label, produced in Los Angeles)

Limited Pressing Agreement

AFM B-9 Report Form for Limited Pressing - (view an example form)

Demo Recordings

(Non-commercial use, produced in Los Angeles)

Demonstration Contract - demo recordings, audio only

AFM B-5 Report Form - (view an example form)
B-5 Continuation

Demo Rider - Image Fee

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Standard W-4

Standard I-9

Limited Pressing Sales Report Form

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