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Electronic Media Contracts & Report Forms

Motion Picture/Television Film

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Music Prep for Live & EMD

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B Report Forms

AFM B-3 Report Form - Made and Played Local Commercial Announcements
B-3 Form
B-3 Continuation

AFM B-4 Report Form - Phonograph Records, Soundtrack Releases and Video Promos
B-4 Form
B-4 Continuation

AFM B-5 Report Form - Demonstration Recording, Audio Only
Demo Contract
B-5 Form
B-5 Continuation

AFM B-6 Report Form - Television and Radio Commercial Announcements
B-6 Form
B-6 Continuation

AFM B-7 Report Form - All Motion Picture, Theatrical and Television Film, Industrial, Misc.
B-7 Form
B-7 Continuation

AFM B-8 Report Form - Videotape, Live Television, Cable TV and Public TV
B-8 Form
B-8 Continuation

AFM B-9 Report Form - Limited Pressing
B-9 Form
B-9 Continuation

AFM B-10 Report Form - Commercial, Public and Local Radio and Non-Commercial I.D.
B-10 Form
B-10 Continuation

AFM B-11 Report Form - Symphony, Opera and Ballet Audio-Visual Agreement
B-11 Form
B-11 Continuation

AFM B-12 Report Form - Symphonic Radio to Non-Commercial Recording
B-12 Form
B-12 Continuation