Rehearsal Rooms

Please use the form below and the live rehearsal calendar to securely book and pay for your rehearsal. Call 323.993.3172 or email with any questions or concerns. Detailed pricing and COVID protocols can be found below.


($5 discount for Life Members)
  • Rooms 1 and 2 - $20 per 2.5 hour slot (maximum 8 musicians)

  • Rooms 3 and 4 - $20 per 2.5 hour slot (maximum 12 musicians)

  • Rooms 5 and 6 - $25 per 2.5 hour slot (maximum 20 musicians)

  • Room 7 - $30 per 2.5 hour slot (maximum 35 musicians)

  • PA system available for additional $10 per session 

COVID Protocols

Anyone entering the rehearsal rooms will need to be up to date with their Covid-19 vaccine. Up to date means fully vaccinated and boosted. There will no longer be on-site Covid testing.

Please be prepared to show photo ID and proof of up to date vaccination, which includes any of the following:

(a) COVID-19 vaccination record card (issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (“CDC”) or World Health Organization Yellow Card) which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided and date last dose administered).

(b) A photo of a vaccination record card as a separate document;

(c) A photo of a vaccination record card stored on a phone or electronic device;

(d) Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination from a health care provider; and

(e) Digital record that includes a QR code that when scanned by a SMART Health Card reader displays to the reader client name, date of birth, vaccine dates and vaccine type.

Masking whenever possible is strongly encouraged.

If you have any questions please contact the Vice President’s office: 323.993.3173

For more information please click here.

Note: There is a limit of six bookings that any one band or individual musician can make at any time. All musicians, including vocalists, participating in rehearsals at Local 47 must be full members of the American Federation of Musicians in good standing. All rehearsal leaders must belong to the AFM, and only members may make rehearsal reservations.

Notice to all Persons Entering or Utilizing Local 47 Property