Union Dues

The union’s operating monies come from two sources: Membership Dues and Work Dues. The monies from dues are used by the union to provide collective bargaining representation and related services to AFM members and to any musicians working under Union agreements. Download our Union Dues Resource Guide here.

Make a Payment

Local 47 members may pay Membership Dues and Work Dues here:

Non-members, or members not currently in good standing, may make Work Dues payments here:

* You are not a member in good standing if:

  • You have never joined Local 47 (even if you are a member of another AFM Local)
  • You have been Suspended or Expelled
  • You are Beck, Fi-Core, or Agency Fee status; Resigned; or otherwise a Non-Member

Mail/Phone Payments

Please make check/money order payable to "AFM Local 47" and mail to:
AFM Local 47 Dues Dept.
3220 Winona Ave. Burbank CA 91504

Pay by phone: 323.993.3116

Make a Donation

Learn more about our Musicians Relief Fund and Political Action Committee.

Go Paperless

Local 47 members may opt-in to receive email notifications when Work Dues statements are available. Enroll here

Not Yet a Member?

Please click here to join as a new member, or here to reinstate, rejoin, or reaffiliate membership.

Policies & Reminders

Work Dues Delinquency and Suspension

Refund/Return Policy

Consumer Privacy Policy

AFM Multi-Card Rebate Form (afm.org login required; rebate form filed under "Miscellaneous" in Document Library)


Resignation Procedure

Reinstatement/Rejoining/Reaffiliation Procedures

Help a Musician in Need

Be an anonymous donor to the Local 47 Musicians Relief Fund. Click here for more information.

Membership Fees:

Regular Member
Annual Dues: $210
Semi-Annual Dues: $110

Life Member
Annual Dues: $110

Inactive Life Member
Annual Dues: $90

Initiation Fees: New members are required to pay the Local 47 initiation fee of $75, and the AFM International initiation fee of $65 if not currently a member of another AFM Local.

Renewal Due Dates:

Annual and Semi-Annual Membership Dues for Regular, Life and Inactive Life Members are due Jan. 1 of each year. Payment must be received by March 31 (three-month grace period) to avoid suspension. If not paid by this date, a $75 reinstatement fee will be assessed. Both dues and reinstatement fee must be paid by June 30 to avoid expulsion.

Likewise, Semi-Annual Membership Dues for Regular Members are due July 1 and must be received by Sept. 30 (three-month grace period) to avoid suspension. If not paid by this date, a $75 reinstatement fee will be assessed. Both dues and reinstatement fee must be paid by Dec. 31 to avoid expulsion.

Returning Members

Musicians whose membership status has lapsed due to suspension, expulsion, or who had resigned, and wish to return their membership to good standing are subject to additional required fees and/or payments in addition to Membership Dues. For further information please call 323.993.3116.

Inactive Life Membership

Inactive Life Members do not have all of the same rights as privileges as Regular and Life Members, such as the right to vote in Local elections. Please review the AFM Local 47 Bylaws for complete information.


If you need to resign your membership, please click here for more information.


Contact the Membership/Dues Department:
323.993.3116, membership@afm47.org