Pay Dues

Members in Good Standing

Please click the blue button below to log in to your member account to review statements and make Membership and Work Dues payments:

Work Dues Payments for Non-Members

If you are not a Local 47 member in good standing* and have received a Work Dues bill, please click the yellow button below to make a secure payment.

* You are not a member in good standing if:
- You have never joined Local 47 (even if you are a member of another AFM Local)
- You have been Suspended or Expelled
- You are Beck status

Please note: The Non-Member Payment Button MAY NOT be used to pay Membership Dues. If you wish to join, reinstate, rejoin, or reaffiliate, please call 323.993.3160. More info

Go Paperless

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What Are Dues?

Our operating monies come from two sources: Work Dues and Membership Dues. Learn more here.