Notice to All Persons Entering or Utilizing the Property of the Musicians Club* of Los Angeles:

The premises of the Musicians Club of Los Angeles are reserved for the exclusive use by the officers, employees, and Full, Youth, Life or Inactive Life Members in good standing of AFM Local 47 and the American Federation of Musicians. All other persons must receive written permission from the office of Local 47’s president to enter or utilize these premises. Local 47 reserves the right to remove and to cite for trespass any party found on these premises who does not fulfill the above conditions of occupancy. (Note: This notice is not applicable to those making deliveries to AFM Local 47, or customers of and those making deliveries to tenants.)

* The Musicians Club of Los Angeles, Inc., is a California Non-Profit Corporation incorporated in 1926. It owns all land and improvements where AFM Local 47 conducts its business. The Corporation rents space to other tenants, mainly industry related. All members of AFM Local 47 are also members of the Musicians Club of Los Angeles.

Notice From the Executive Board

Please be advised: At the Dec. 21, 2010 Executive Board meeting a motion was adopted to do away with the requirement that all musicians sign in at every rehearsal. Instead, all Leaders shall affirm that to the best of their knowledge those musicians in their rehearsal are all members in good standing with the AFM and/or they have received approval from the President’s office to use a non-member/student. This change in policy does not diminish our ability to conduct spot checks to ensure compliance, and all musicians using the rooms should be notified of our “spot check” policy.