Music Performance Trust Fund

Are you interested in presenting a FREE and open to the public CONCERT?

The Music Performance Trust Fund has been providing grants for free public live music events since 1948. Funds made available by MPTF sponsor performances for community events, outdoor park concerts, libraries, senior citizen centers and museums, as well as educational performances by a wide variety of jazz, classical, chamber, symphonic and other ensembles.

MPTF was established as a nonprofit independent public service organization whose mission includes contributing to the public knowledge and appreciation of music, as well as making music a part of every child's life experience. Headquartered in New York City, the tax-exempt MPTF, operating under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, evolved from a landmark collective bargaining agreement between the American Federation of Musicians and the major recording companies of the day.

How to Apply

AFM Local 47 members interested in applying for a grant are invited to contact our in-house MPTF Administrator. All requests must be submitted at least 40 days in advance of the performance and will be reviewed by the Local, which forwards the recommendations to MPTF in New York for approval. All grant applicants must have a Federal ID number (e.g. non-profit organization, local business, etc.) and assume all employer responsibilities.

Applicants accepted for an MPTF grant are responsible for direct payment to all musicians, including benefits, work dues and the proper filing of union reports with Local 47. Once all the necessary paperwork and proof of payroll is submitted to Local 47, the documents will be sent to MPTF headquarters in New York, and once verified and processed, your grant check will be mailed directly from MPTF.

Each new fiscal year begins May 1 and goes through April 30. All requests must be received in writing no later than April 1. You may send them to: Local 47, Attn: MPTF, 3220 Winona Ave. Burbank CA 91504. Grant request letters should include the following: Date, time, place, a description of the event, the name of the group they are requesting assistance for, the name of the leader, how many side musicians and cartage. To qualify for assistance, the event must be absolutely free and open to the public; no donations, no fundraising. Read additional qualification guidelines at

If you have any questions, please contact our MPTF Administrator: 323.993.3156, email

Points to Remember

1. Music must be the main reason for the event.

2. The concert must be free and open to the public, with no condition for admittance.

3. There must be no donations solicited before, after, or during the performance.

4. There must be no recording (video or audio) of a performance.

5. Music must not be used for any fundraising activity no matter how worthwhile the project.

6. Music must not be part of a religious service, seminar, clinic, etc.