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Members in Good Standing

Please log in to your member account to review statements and make dues payments:

Work Dues Payments for Non-Members ONLY

If you are not a Local 47 member and have received a Work Dues bill, please enter below your Account # as printed on your Statement and enter your phone and email (you will be prompted to enter dollar amount on next screen):

Account #

Please do not click this button if you are a Local 47 Member. Log in to your member account here.

Suspended / Expelled / Beck Status

If you have been Suspended or Expelled from Local 47, or if you are Beck status, you may pay Work Dues using the Make Payment button above. To reinstate, rejoin, or reaffiliate please call 323.993.3116. More info

What Are Dues?

Our operating monies come from two sources: Work Dues and Membership Dues. Learn more here.


Call 323.993.3116 or email.