Video 47

Our video recording facility offers single to multi-camera recording and editing for various types of projects, from live shoots to music videos, at rates far below commercial video facilities.

For booking information, please contact 323.993.3172 or email.


Notice to all Persons Entering or Utilizing Local 47 Property


Video Shoot

Our Recording System is DVCAM
  • Prices for all shoots are $40 an hour per camera and $20 an hour per engineer.
  • Minimum set-up is one camera and two engineers.
  • Minimum session is four hours for a one camera set-up (two hours set-up, two hours recording) and five hours for a two or three camera set-up (three hours set-up, two hours recording)
  • Additional time may be required which will be determined by the Chief Engineer.
Note: In the event additional equipment rentals are necessary, the costs will be borne by the client.

Video Editing

  • $50 per hour
  • 2 hour minimum session (there is no set-up time charged)

Tape Costs

  • DVCAM $30 (124 min.)
  • Mini DVCAM $7 (60 min.)

All recording materials used must be purchased from Local 47.