Set or Reset Your Password

To reset your password, enter your WebID and your email address on file with Local 47.

If your WebID and email address match our data, a new temporary password will be emailed to you. Once you log in with your temporary password, you can update it on the Change Password Page.


Experiencing Problems?

If you receive the following error message:

"Your password could not be reset - your supplied data does not match our records. If you have forgotten your password please contact our office."

This means the email address you are entering here does not match the one on file with Local 47. Please email the Member Directory Department at or call 323.462.2161 during normal business hours (9am - 4:45pm) to provide us with your current email address.

I tried to set/reset my new password, but never received an email. 

Be sure to check your spam filter (the "from" address is Please note that if you have never before logged in to this new website using your WebID, this reset page will not work. (Even if you receive a message indicating you will be emailed a password, if you have never before logged in, this page cannot send you a temp password.) If you need to register a new account or are having problems changing your password, contact the webmaster at