ProMusicDB: The Professional Music Credits Database Announces Plan to Archive Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians With “Make Musician Credits Timeless” Fundraiser

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 10, 2017): today announced their “Make Musician Credits Timeless” fundraising campaign, seeking support for three archiving projects that will integrate over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians into the platform.

“Music is timeless in the digital age. Therefore, the acknowledgement of the people who created and performed music should be timeless as well,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of “We believe that by archiving musician credits and their digital artifacts in the platform, we are preserving a valuable piece of our culture in history, and empowering a more personal connection between the music we hear every day and the musicians that create it.”

The three digital archiving projects will take over a year to complete, and include creating a ProMusicDB Legacy Artist Archive for Composer, Arranger, and Conductor Jimmie Haskell; a Legendary Players Archive for the 73 Los Angeles musicians who are considered part of The Wrecking Crew; and the integration of 203 musician pages formerly on the website, which will establish the foundation for the ProMusicDB Living Legacy Archives.

“We desire to create these archives because of the body of work these musicians represent, that unfortunately has gone unacknowledged over time,” Crowl said. “Their influence is felt by an entire generation of music fans and professional musicians, and we all know currently there is no authoritative or collective source providing complete information on any of them, or any other musician for that matter. We hope can change that – for them and for all professional musicians moving forward. Our success is dependent on how the musician community supports our fundraising efforts towards this goal.”

Donations are tax-deductible and can be made directly to the Make Musician Credits Timeless campaign at is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Program and is a founding member of the BerkleeICE Open Music Initiative. Endorsers include the Professional Musicians Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians, SAG-AFTRA Singers, the Music Library Association, the Entertainment ID Registry Association, and the Wrecking Crew.

Additional details of the three “Make Musician Credits Timeless” projects are as follows:

1) Legacy Artist Archive Project: Jimmie Haskell

Grammy-winning Arranger/Composer Jimmie Haskell passed away in 2016 and his website was "turned off." His prolific body of work that includes over 150 Gold and Platinum Records is not archived anywhere, although his arrangements of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Ode to Billy Joe," and "If You Leave Me Now," among many others are still enjoyed all over the world. We estimate that Jimmie's Legacy Archive in will include approximately 2500 music credits, 2500 sound recordings, and 2500 musical works, and will take 14 full time days for a personal curator to complete.

2) Legendary Players Archive Project: The Wrecking Crew

The legendary musicians of "The Wrecking Crew" created the sounds behind many of the hits by The Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Elvis, The Carpenters, The Righteous Brothers, and many others. These musicians set the tone for an entire generation of music fans, yet their music credits and digital archives do not exist together anywhere. We estimate that these 73 Legendary Player Archives in ProMusicDB will collectively include over 100,000 music credits, over 25,000 different sound recordings, and over 25,000 different song titles, and will take approximately 6 months for our music curator team to complete.

Names of Wrecking Crew Legendary Player Profiles:

3) Living Legacy Archive Project (formerly

For over ten years, Gio Washington-Wright has personally archived the work of Los Angeles session musicians into the website as a labor of love. The website has grown to include 203 session player pages, and approximately 40 Gigs of session pictures, videos, and music credits. This archive is the only personally curated public archive for many of today's session players. We estimate that these 203 Living Legacy Archives in ProMusicDB will include upwards of 200,000 music credits, 200,000 sound recordings, and 200,000 musical works, and will take approximately one year for Gio and our music curator team to complete.

Names of Living Legacy Profiles:

Have we missed any? Are there corrections we need to make? Is your name listed here and you would like to claim or donate to your own page? Contact Christy Crowl at

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A Letter from ProMusicDB founder Christy Crowl:

Dear Colleagues in Music,

As Founder of ProMusicDB and fellow member of Local 47, I am grateful for the endorsement and support of the Los Angeles musician community. As there have been a number of questions posed as to what our business model is and what we are doing for musicians, I wanted to try to answer some of that directly here. If I haven’t addressed your concerns completely, please feel free to email me at and I will do my best to answer them.

First, I realize there is a lot to understand about both as a music credits and metadata platform and as an organization. As best I can explain here, it can be thought of as a new kind of membership organization for the music community, that provides a digital platform for music credits, metadata, and digital archives, as well as an educational bridge between members of music organizations (unions, PROs, etc.), and the music industry. By belonging to, you are a member of an organization that will provide educational tools, information about technological advances in the music industry, as well as have the benefit of a digital platform for your digital identity and credits to be centralized. We are a Fiscally Sponsored project of the Pasadena Arts Council at this time, and endeavor to become our own Non-profit within the next year.

A further correlation to our mission would be to look at the structure of EIDR, and see what that (non-profit) membership organization is doing for the studios. ProMusicDB aims to “identify” music creatives and their works with our identifiers (along with credits, etc.) much like EIDR is providing IDs for digital Film and TV product for the film and television studios. Our model is similar to EIDR’s in that we provide the identifiers and the database, and we are also a membership organization. As a point of mention, EIDR endorses ProMusicDB, and is eager to include our musician identifiers in their database so that complete music credits will be gathered for the film and tv products for their large studio members.

Why is this kind of service organization needed and how are we different from an IMDB, AllMusic, etc.?

First, realize that IMDB and AllMusic are just databases that have NO input into the actual function of the music industry. The music industry of the future is being built on technologies that require verification of data (credits, etc.) as a key element, only until we came along, no one has actually created the platform where digital identity, attribution, and metadata for musicians is verified (the PROs and the Unions have to do this manually, once data comes into them). In addition, no current music creator member organization has stepped up to be part of a solution to get data where it needs to go, much less educate its members on the complexity of the music industry ecosystem from a technological perspective. IMDB and AllMusic could sell, shut down, or change models in a heartbeat and any data they have would go with them.

Hence, the inconsistent mess that exists. Music creators shouldn’t have to send credits and metadata to 30 different entities to both get public credit AND verify they are the correct person to be paid. We are creating the entity that can do both – provide a place where music creators can get their credit in an archive (like IMDB, etc.) and own their own data that will never be sold, and in addition can repurpose that data as they need to (fill out forms for works registration, sound exchange, AFM contracts, etc.), as well as provide the source for verification of identity of a music creator to an outside source if necessary. We are DDEX compliant, and have implemented current music industry and archival standards and practices into our platform.

ProMusicDB was invited to become a Founding Member of the Open Music Initiative (along with YouTube, Universal, Spotify, etc.), and I personally have been on industry working groups as the only "music creative" representative in the room for three years. I know this is pretty techy stuff, and probably what you may consider a mind-numbingly boring problem to solve. But it’s a big one, and in the meantime if we can educate musicians and music creators on what’s coming and what’s necessary to actually be part of the new music industry and take control – of their digital identity and data – we’ll make a huge positive impact on how music creators can participate in the new music business. And in the meantime, preserve legacy, music history and prepare for the next chapter of the new music economy.

I invite you to watch our Informational Webinar which contains a Full Site Demo to see the work we are doing for musicians, and we’d be honored for you to join us as we help bring musicians forward into the digital future.

Thank you for your support and consideration, we would be honored to preserve your legacy for your musical future.


Christy Crowl
Founder, the professional music credits database and archive