Protect Our Pension

Two ways that you can make a difference NOW:

STEP 1: First, contact your Senators

Send an email with one easy click.

STEP 2: Sign up for a phone/Zoom banking session

Click here to sign up for phone/Zoom banking

Call AFM members in targeted states to urge them to join the fight and call their Senators. We are focusing our efforts on helping musicians use their voice to call their own Senators. There will be several different time slots available.

When you sign up, you will receive:

  • link to a Zoom meeting
  • AFM staff help to guide you and other members from around the country in a Zoom quick training
  • phone script
  • list of members to call

You’ll be able to stay on the Zoom to ask staff any questions in real time.

It’s easy! When we all take action together, we win!