Musicians for Fairness in New Media

Negotiations between the AFM and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) began on March 13, 2019. We're taking on the most important aspect of the future of the recording industry: new media and streaming services.

On the first morning of bargaining, musicians held a press conference calling on film and TV studios to engage in fair contract negotiations and protect the future careers of professional musicians as the industry shifts to streaming and online distribution. On June 27, over 100 musicians and supporters held a rally and marched to the front doors of AMPTP to hand-deliver hundreds of petitions signed by musicians who work in the industry. These actions attracted media attention from several news outlets (see clips below).

Management remains unwilling to accept or negotiate over our most important proposals. AFM musicians from Los Angeles to Nashville to New York are ramping up efforts to win a fair contract. Musicians working in all areas of the business are encouraged to get involved in the campaign.

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