Legal Information

Local Union

Local 47 is your first line of defense against employers who would default on a payment or otherwise treat you unfairly. Through the use of our Agreements and Report Forms, we are able to represent you against these abuses and offer legal services should they be required to resolve a contract dispute.

The membership of Local 47 collectively owns the building and surrounding property on which Local 47 is located. The officers are elected by the membership and serve the needs of the membership for a two-year term. The Bylaws and the scales for live performance venues are proposed by a committee of rank-and-file musicians. These recommendations go to the Executive Board, also elected by the membership, and finally to a meeting of the full membership for ratification. This way Local 47 is owned and operated by you, the members of the union.

Member vs. member disputes can be submitted to the Local 47 Hearing Board for resolution, saving you the expense of lawyers or small claims court. Any decision by this body can be appealed, if necessary, to the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) for final resolution.

International Union or "Federation"

The Federation was created by a conference of Local Unions to address the needs of musicians who traveled throughout the country performing in the jurisdiction of any number of individual Local Unions. The Federation was also charged with the negotiation of Electronic Media contracts so that the terms and conditions, "scales," would be the same all over the country. That way, hiring would be based on a musician's professional skill level instead of the area of the country offered the least expensive services.

The Federation officers are elected every three years at a national convention by the delegates which you, as a member, elect and send to the convention to represent your interests. The Federation Bylaws provide a standard of services for every Local of the Federation.

When you are on the road and away from your Local union's jurisdiction, the Federation is responsible for the enforcement of your contracts and is your first contact for problems you may encounter when you are away from home.

For more information contact the Executive Board