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Big Band/Swing

Art Deco "Snake Hips"

Art Depew "Big Band Swing Ballads"

Art Depew "Ramblin' Men Jazz Band"

Bruce Eskovitz "Regions"

Cecil Hill "Cecil Hill Swings His Thing"

Bill Tole "On the Move"

Bill Tole "Big Band Memories"

Bill Tole "Dream"

Madeline Vergari "This is My Lucky Day!"

Chris Walden "No Bounds"

Tracy Wells and His Big Band "Swing is Here"

Roy Wiegand "Love Sounds"

Roy Wiegand "Stan the Big Sur"

Roy Wiegand "The Best From Hollywood"

Roy Wiegand "Whatever Floats Your Bone"

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Orley Allen "Orley Allen"

Jimbo Ross "Driven by the Blues"


Lisa Haley "Lisa Haley and the Zydekats"

Lisa Haley "Waiting For The Sky"

Lisa Haley "King Cake"

Lisa Haley "Absolutely Live!"


Jamie Shaheen "Everybody's Happy When They're Singing"


Adrian Bal "Spend the Holidays With Me"

Wayne Bergeron with the After Hours Brass "Music & Mistletoe"

Rick Friend "Reflections of Noel"

Corky Hale "Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas"

Kayte Wolf "Serene Noel"

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Jim & Debbie Boltinghouse "All My Concertos by Tommy Pederson"

Arni Egilsson "From the Rainbow"

Arni Egilsson "Nidur Concerto"

Arni Egilsson "Chamber Music"

Andrew Malloy "Paper Clips"

Andrew Malloy "Best of Friends"

Marina Manukian "Brahms Violin Sonatas"

Marina Manukian & Brian Pezzone "Inspiration"

The New American Q uartet "A Nod to Moussorgsky"

Carolyn Osborn "String of Pearls"

Adrian Ruiz "Music of Mendelssohn, Chavez & Ginastera"

Adrian Ruiz "Romantic Rarities Vol. 1 (Kirchner)"

Adrian Ruiz "Romantic Rarities Vol. 2 (Kirchner)"

Allen Savedoff "Savoir Faire"

David Sherr "Look Both Ways"

David Weiss "Virtuoso Saw"

Lilie Wollin Naness "Plays Piano Recital Favorites"

Lilie Wollin Naness "Chopin Piano Romance"

Lilie Wollin Naness "Spanish Romance"

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Easy Listening

Ernie Batz "Flying Dutchman: Trip to Las Vegas"

Danny Guerrero "Classic Piano Concepts"

Danny Guerrero "Oh, Danny Boy"

Cali Rose "Are You Having Any Fun? (Ukulele)"

Peggy Skomal "Harpeggio"

Gospel/Christian/ Inspirational

Peggy Duquesnel "Show Me Your Way"

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Bob Alberti "Everything I Love"

Lanny Aplanalp "Natural Colors"

Lanny Aplanalp "Warm Winds"

Tony Carpio "Just Let It Happen"

Alexandra Caselli "Rough Edges"

Art Depew "Ramblin' Men Jazz Band"

Chris Dundas "Chris Dundas"

Peggy Duquesnel "Where is Love?"

Arni Egilsson "Basses Loaded"

Arni Egilsson "Basses Re-surrectus"

Bruce Eskovitz "Regions"

Chris Glik "Chris Glik and Gypsy Jazz"

Charley Harrison "Keeping My Composure"

Robert Irvine "The Ray Reed Hollywood"

Bebop Quintet "Bebop Quintet Plays Ray Reed"

Stephen Jacobs "This World"

Jerry Kalaf "Trio Music"

Jerry Kalaf "Just Like Old Times"

Jerry Kalaf "Noche"

Alan Kaplan "Lonely Town"

Billy Kerr "The Eagle has Landed...Eh?"

David Lamont Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Claude Bolling"

Byron Long "Indian Summer"

Frank Macchia "Folk Songs for Jazzers"

Frank Macchia "SON of Folk Songs for Jazzers"

Frank Macchia "Animals"

Frank Macchia "Mo' Animals"

Roger Neumann "Instant Heat"

Roger Neumann "Introducing Roger Neumann's Rather Large Band"

Phil Norman Tentet "Encore"

Phil Norman Tentet "Totally Live"

Phil Norman Tentet "Wide Range"

Robert Payne "Musical Chairs"

Don Rader "Off the Beaten Track"

Kim Richmond “Artistry: A Tribute to Stan Kenton”

Allen Savedoff "Contradiction"

Geoff Stradling "Les is Mo'"

Chris Tedesco "Living the Dream"

Madeline Vergari "This Is My Lucky Day"

Chris Walden "Home of My Heart"

Chris Walden "Ticino"

Dave Wild/Ken Wild "Wild Sides"

Latin Jazz

Francisco Castillo "The Bolero Project"

Julio Figueroa "Tres Americas"

Smooth Jazz

Isaac Evans "My Journey"

Danny Guerrero "'Round Midnight"

Corky Hale "Corky"

Jennifer Hall "Portrait"

David Hitchings "Passion Voyage"

Akbar Muhammad "Musician With a Day Job"

Jazz/Standards (Vocal)

Adrian Bal "Sing With Me"

Peggy Duquesnel "Summertime Lullaby"

Scarlett/Robert Finney "Scarlett Fever"

Libbie Jo "The Flute and Voice of Libbie Jo"

New Age

John Fluker "The Sound of Peace"

John Fluker "Star Eyes"

Matthew Alan Stuart "Cradle of the Moon"

Matthew Alan Stuart "Dawn Of A New Day"

Matt & Rebecca Stuart "On Earth as it is in Heaven"

Matt & Rebecca Stuart "Minstrel Streams"

Matt & Rebecca Stuart "Winterpeace"

Sergey Taranov "A Touch of Spain"

Kayte Wolf "Heart of the Ocean"

Pop/Rock/Adult Contemporary

Christoph Bull "License to Chill"

Christoph Bull "Old School"

Christoph Bull "The Bond"

Jennifer Hall "Portrait"

Christina Linhardt "Voodoo Princess"

Tim Mulholland "Sitting at the Top"

Cali Rose "Gets Goofy"

John Rosenber "Poems of Robert W. Service"


Irie "Freedom of Choice"

Oliver William "New Caribbean Calypso Reggae"


Shawn Trent Morgan "Just Got Cooler"


Leo Chelyapov "Leo Plays Klezmer "

Jean Sudbury "Connexion Eclectique "