The Dues/Membership Department at Local 47 processes all new member applications as well as Membership and Work Dues payments.

To pay by phone, please call 323.993.3116.

Paperless Work Dues Statements

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Additional Info

Suspension & Expulsion

Annual and Semi-Annual Membership Dues, due Jan. 1 of each year, must be received by March 31 (three-month grace period) to avoid suspension. If not paid by this date, a $75 reinstatement fee will be assessed. Both dues and reinstatement fee must be paid by June 30 to avoid expulsion.

Likewise, Semi-Annual Membership Dues for Regular Members, due July 1, must be received by Sept. 30 (three-month grace period) to avoid suspension. If not paid by this date, a $75 reinstatement fee will be assessed. Both dues and reinstatement fee must be paid by Dec. 31 to avoid expulsion.


A member may resign in good standing from the Local by satisfying all financial responsibility to the Local and filing a letter requesting resignation with the Secretary/Treasurer.


Click here to learn how to reinstate or rejoin after a lapse in membership, or to reaffiliate after resigning in good standing.

Dues Structure

Our operating monies come from two sources: Membership Dues and Work Dues.

Work Dues

Whenever you perform a Union job, you pay a small percentage of the minimum wage for that job in work dues, typically 3.0% - 5.1% depending on the contract.

Scale wages are the minimum wages agreed to between the employer and the union in a collective bargaining agreement. Local 47 contracts do not prevent musicians from negotiating wages which are higher than the minimum scale. For live performance jobs, your employer may automatically deduct Work Dues from your wages (check-off work dues) once you have signed a Dues Authorization Check-off card and given it to your union representative.

Every Local in the AFM sets its own Annual Membership and Work Dues rates. Musicians who belong to Local 47 but who work outside the Local’s jurisdiction may be subject to a Work Dues payment to the Local in the jurisdiction in which they are engaged. You may receive a Work Dues bill from said local, and are obligated by the Constitution of the AFM to pay any such bill or risk being expelled from the union.

Membership Dues

Initiation Fee

New members pay Membership Dues plus an Initiation Fee of $140 ($65 to AFM International, and $75 to AFM Local 47).

After the first year, membership dues are structured on the following pay scale:

Option 1: Annual Membership Dues
Due January 1 of each year:

  • Regular Members: $210
  • Life Members: $110
  • Inactive Life Members: $90

Option 2: Semi-Annual Membership Dues
Due January 1 and July 1 of each year:

  • Regular Members: $110
  • Life and Inactive Life Membership dues may only be paid on an annual basis.