International Labor Communications Association Awards

AFM Local 47 is a member of the International Labor Communications Association, a collective of labor media publications throughout the United States. Each year ILCA holds a Labor Media Contest which serves to recognize outstanding work in print, blogs, radio, video, and online communications efforts in the field of labor journalism.

Over the years our print members-only publication Overture has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades from a judge panel of labor journalists around the nation. In recent years we have added electronic publications to our communications roster, including our bimonthly email newsletter The Local 47 Beat, and digital Overture Online App offered free to the public each month.

2016 Awards

• 2nd Place: General Excellence: Electronic Publication: State/Local - The Local 47 Beat, By Linda A. Rapka, Gary Lasley

• 2nd Place: Visual Comms: Best Design: Website, App, or E Publication: State/Local - Overture Online App, By Linda A. Rapka, Nate Herrera

• 2nd Place: Writing: Best Electronic Content: State/Local - The Local 47 Beat, By Linda A. Rapka, Gary Lasley

• 3rd Place: General Excellence: Print Publication: Local/Regional: 1,001- 10,000 - Overture Magazine, By Linda A. Rapka, Gary Lasley

• 3rd Place: General Excellence: Blog: State/Local - 47 Blog, By Linda A. Rapka

• 3rd Place: General Excellence: Website: State/Local -, By Linda A. Rapka, Gary Lasley

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2015 Awards

• 1st Place: General Excellence – Print and Internet / Electronic Newsletter / Local unions, The Local 47 Beat 2014: AFM's Listen Up! Campaign Goes Live / Final, Massive Support Rally Planned for AB 1839

• 2nd Place: Writing Awards – Print and Internet / Saul Miller Awards / Political Action / Local Unions, “Hollywood Seeks Sharper Teeth for Film and TV Tax Credit Program”

• 3rd Place: Internet Awards / Best Design Internet / Local unions,

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2014 Awards

• 1st Place: General Excellence – Electronic Newsletter, The Local 47 Beat 2013: LA Phil Goes to Europe / Musicians Rally for Immigration Reform Now!

• 1st Place: Saul Miller Award – Organizing, Musicians Rock Marvel in Cleveland

• 3rd Place: Saul Miller Award – Organizing, Marvel: Bring the Music HOME!

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2013 Awards

• 3rd Award: Saul Miller Award, Labor Organizing Writing: AFM Pickets 'Iron Man 3' shoot in North Carolina to Protest Offshored Film Score

• 2nd Award: Best Cover Design, February 2012: Keeping the Harmony in a Musical Marriage

• 3rd Award: General Excellence, Electronic Newsletter, The Local 47 Beat 2012: Local 47 Tells Marvel Studios: Treat Musicians Fairly! / 'Ellen' Show Signs With AFM

• 3rd Award, Best News Writing: New FAA Rules Music to Musicians' Ears

Additional Awards

Following is a partial list of awards received prior to 2013:

• 1st Place: General Excellence in Print, Local and Regional Union Publications, Overture, 2010 (2011)

• 1st Place: Best Writing, Profile, Hangin' With the Preppies: Up Close and Personal With the People of Music Prep (2011)

• 2nd Award: General Excellence in Print, Local and Regional Union Publications, Overture, 2009 (2010)
Judges' comments: "Includes info on EFCA, classes for musicians, and goes a step further to talk about the tech/gaming industry and where musicians unions play a role. Very cutting edge."

• 1st Award: Best Cover or Front Page, Overture, February 2009 - Amalgamation to Inauguration (2010)
Judges' comments: "We were impressed by this union's self-critical look at its own history of segregation as a cover story for Black History Month. The graphic design is also nicely done."

• 3rd Award: Special Performance, Best Cartoon, Overture, Notes at Work -Union Scale (2009)

• 3rd Award: Best Design, Newspapers, Overture, April 2007 - Jazz Appreciation Month (2008)

• 3rd Award: Best News Story, Overture, New Orleans Musicians Weather the Storm (2008)

• Honorable Mention: Best Photograph, Overture, Thousands Rally for WGA (2008)

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